Dirt Bros Culture - How To Build a Championship Culture.

Dirt Bros Culture - How To Build a Championship Culture.

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Get immediate digital access to Coach Mongero's 40-minute presentation on his approach to building championship level culture within a baseball program.

Building culture is a process.

It often takes years. Just because a team wins does not mean they have a strong culture.

However, teams that are consistently good most often have a strong team culture. Coaches that build culture leave nothing to chance.

There are no shortcuts or secret sauce. It all starts with relationships....within the community, school, team, and players.

A very close second is expectations and hold players accountable to standards. Then heavy work must follow.

In season and out. Nothing is bigger than the team, so those that can’t get on board or who try to tear at the fabric of the established culture are disciplined or sometimes let go.

This is a digital program that you'll have immediate access to once purchased.