Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle
Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle

Dirt Bro Full Course Bundle

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"These Are The Best Baseball Skills and Drills Manuals I Have Ever Seen."

- Ray Tanner - Head Baseball Coach University of South Carolina

Get access to every single Dirt Bro training course at a massive discount w/ Code: DB47

After your purchase, you will receive immediate digital access to:

  1. Dirt Bros: Mental Toughness Audio Program (Normally $19.97)
  2. Hitting w/ Tim Hyers & Trent Mongero: A Conversation On Hitting. (Normally $27)
  3. Hitting w/ Tim Hyers & Trent Mongero: A MLB Hitting Routine w/ Pro Drills (Normally $37)
  4. Winning Baseball - Book 1 “From Beginner to Intermediate Play (Normally $47)
  5. Winning Baseball - Book 2 From Intermediate To College Level. (Normally $47)
  6. How to run a championship practice (Normally $27)
  7. How to build a championship team  (Normally $27)


The Dirt Bros audio program is a comprehensive course on Coach Trent Mongero's perspective on peak performance.

  • How To Be a Dirt Bro
  • Winning The At-Bat
  • Trent's Story


The Hitting w/ Tim Hyers & Trent Mongero: A Conversation On Hitting (approx 3 hrs) from Winning Baseball's Trent Mongero and Tim Hyers (Dodgers Big League hitting coach) is a game-changer for parents coaches and players!

Video One: A Conversation

• developing you're hitting philosophy
• how to build a confident hitter focus on process
• attainable goals of hitters
• how mental helps physical
• help your team win
• mistakes coaches and parents make
• make hitting practice fun
• three must of all great hitters consider this before implementing your plan

Video Two: A Demonstration

• Beginning Hitter Practice Plan Step 1 - Batting T drills
• Step 2 - Basic front toss
• Step 3 - Coach batting practice
• Advanced Hitter Practice Plan
• Step 1 - Batting T warm-up
• Step 2 - The "Big 3" hitting drills Step 3 - Basic front toss ("flips")  *advanced front toss
• * elite front toss
• Step 4 - Coach/parent batting practice
• Supplemental hitting drills
• A - High tee drill
• B - Walkthrough drill
• C - Reverse top hand drill
• D - Short bat drills
• E - Knee drop balance drill


-Also included in this package is the MP3 Audio of the First 1.5 Hours of the Training Where Tim and Trent talk about the Mental Game of Hitting and common mistakes that both Coaches and Parents make.


For those of you who like to read we have taken the First 1.5 hours of teaching and had it transcribed word for word so that you will have all of the information that Trent and Tim Speak about without needing to take notes.

There is no question that hitters of all ability levels and ages will benefit! knowing step-by-step exactly what to do!  No more guessing.  But It does not stop there....!

Tim and Trent will then share keys to building confident hitters, the importance of process over results, mistakes parents and coaches make, how to make practice fun, three musts of all great hitters, etc., etc., etc.
This DVD Course will transform your player as a hitter.
Dirt Bros Practice - How To Run A Championship Caliber Practice is a 40-minute presentation on his approach to planning & executing championship level practices within a baseball program.
Dirt Bros Culture - How To Build a Championship Culture is a 40-minute presentation on his approach to building championship level culture within a baseball program.
Winning Baseball - Book 1 “From Beginner to Intermediate Play” is

a 4 hour DVD Video Download course which highlights

Advanced:       Infield Mechanics and Skills
Advanced:       Double Play Feeds and Pivots 
Advanced:       Slow Roller Mechanics
Advanced:       Infield Drills 
Advanced:       Outfield Mechanics 
Advanced:       Outfield Drills
Advanced:       Pitching Mechanics (Stretch and wind-up)
Advanced:       Pitching Drills 
Advanced:       Catcher Skills (Receiving, Blocking, Throwing, etc)
Advanced:       Catcher Drills
Advanced:       Hitting Mechanics W/Tim Hyers
Advanced:       Offense Execution Skills (Sacrifice, Drag, Push, Slash, Hit and Run, Squeeze) 
Advanced:       Hitting Drills W/ Tim Hyers

Each Winning Baseball E-Book and Instructional DVD’s will be delivered with links to compliment the digital PDF.