How to be a Dirt Bro.


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Here are a few things you need to keep these things in mind...


1. There are 3 things you must battle in baseball.

The game, your opponent and yourself.

Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your own ears. Mental toughness and composure are precursors to champions...both individually and team.


2. Winners win.

You can't get maximum results out of small commitment. You get back from the game what you invest. Lazy players/teams invest a little and think they should be rewarded with PT/wins. Hard workers invest heavy & wonder if they could have done more to prepare. Fact is, winners, win.

3. Pay the price

Want to be great? It’s about sweat equity. The work. So few are willing to pay the price but yet, so many say they want greatness. Doing vs. talking... always has separated average from champions.

4. Baseball is a game

Baseball is a game. It is meant to be “played.” When the focus becomes something else (pleasing a parent), performance is reduced & the fun is gone. Encourage your son/daughter to support their teammates, listen to their coaches & have fun. Simply compete to help their team win.

5. Be a Dirt Bro Parent

I believe many parents are getting development backwards. They are spending too much time/effort “preparing the path for their child” instead of “preparing the child for their path.” I get it, no one wants to see their child fail, yet failure is necessary for growth & success.

If your child has aspirations of playing in college & you want to ensure they WON'T BE recruited... Then allow them to... throw equipment, use negative body language, don't hustle, talk back to coaches, argue with umpires, keep eyes in stands, blame others. It all starts at home.

6. Prepare in practice and trust it in games.

Mental toughness is the hardest skill to teach & learn. The key is to move away from soft, cuddled, pampered & get back to blue-collar, hardcore, drinking water out of a hose pipe....old school toughness. Clocking in and get work done. Prepare in practice and trust it in games.

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