Seperating Men From The Boys.

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I have three tips to help separate the men from the boys in baseball. Two excerpts & one video.

Hope this helps shed some light.

1. Adversity sucks. It will show up in many forms.

It’s just a matter of time.

Teams...face it. Individuals... face it.

Wish life was all peaches and cream.

News flash.

It’s far from it.

The key is to persevere.

Meet it head on, and overcome.

Plant roots and fight.

2. Coaches recognize the correlation between work ethic, GPA & game success.

A strong student with character & commitment shows you learn, focus & care.

This is why a 2.0 GPA, tardies, low grades in electives, hide in the weight room, & poor test scores =‘s RED FLAG to most college coaches.

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