How To Get A Baseball Scholarship & Play College Baseball

I had the chance to spend a few days with Steve Springer. Former Blue-Jays mental coach and founder of Quality At-Bats.

We had a great time sharing ideas about bat-speed, mental approach and hitting drills.

We also spent about an hour swapping ideas about the recruiting process, which I've been thinking about a little more this past week.

I've laid out some thoughts on Twitter that I'd like to share with you here...(let me know what you think).

1. Of all the college coaches/pro scouts I have spoken within my 28 years of coaching, NOT ONE... repeat. NOT 1, has asked what my player's stats were.

They did want to know grades/ACT, how they work, the type of person they are, strengths/weaknesses, type of teammate they are, etc.

2. It seems like parents all agree that the best players play (start) until it’s their kid on the bench.

Then it’s suddenly politics, favoritism, or coach is clueless. I’m sure they are out there, but I have not met a coach yet who does not want to win. Can’t do that with your best on the bench.

3. I believe many parents are getting development backwards. They are spending too much time/effort “preparing the path for their child” instead of “preparing the child for their path.” I get it, no one wants to see their child fail, yet failure is necessary for growth & success.

Truth is, I've worked with many players who've gone on to sign collegiate or professional contracts and the thing that I've found MOST in common with the players that excel in this game is the desire to be better... be an EOTE (Elite of the elite)...or what I also call, a "Dirt Bro".

I get the question often about the college baseball recruiting process which is why I'm excited to be able to point parents to the Quality Recruiting Talk I've done with Steve Springer at the QAB Academy.…

In the QAB talk, we go over:

  • - What the role is for parents in the recruiting process
  • - Choosing the right school
  • - How to stand out at a showcase
  • - Common college recruiting traps
  • - How to achieve exposure during your Jr & Sr year

As well as topics on:

  • - Generating bat-speed
  • - Hitting drills to refine your swing
  • - Pitch recognition

Parents - I believe ANY player who actively applies the principles discussed in this talk with Steve Springer and I will have a good shot at playing collegiate baseball.

Players - give your coaches everything they need to help promote you, if and when the time is right. It’s that simple. The fact is...What you do (or don’t do) every day, how you respond to adversity, etc, tells a narrative.

What do you want your coach to be able to say about you?

You can get access to this course plus over 100 + Videos & Audio-Tracks on:

  • - The Mental Side of Hitting 
  • - Bat-Speed
  • - Vision Training 
  • - Baseball Parenting
  • - Coaching Advice

P.S. Winners pull motivation from many places. One source is proving their haters/doubters wrong.