How to Become An Elite Hitter

I often get visitors to my site or DMs on Instagram asking questions about "how to become an elite hitter".

It's hard for me to give a straight answer since each hitter is different and have their own unique skill-sets.

Also, the position they play will dictate the role they have in a line-up, which will also dictate what type of "elite" hitter they need to be.

Regardless, there are a list of things that I believe make a good hitter into a great hitter and a great hitter into an elite one.

Prerequisites for being an “elite” hitter:

  • off the charts toughness
  • superior eye-hand coordination
  • quick-twitch muscle fibers
  • ability to quickly adjust
  • short memory
  • efficient swing mechanics
  • strength
  • superior pitch recognition
  • superior body control
  • discipline
  • care

Some of these traits are "mostly" god-given but all of them can be trained, optimized and refined with the work ethic, the right plan of attack, good coaching and a Dirt Bro mentality.

I'll leave you with this.

One of the best things hitters can do to become an EOTE (Elite of the Elite) is to become their own coach.

I've often said, "We don’t advance in this game with a hitting coach in our back pocket every at-bat". 

Hitters need to learn their swing while being able to make adjustments on the fly. Listen to the ball. It speaks to you. Know the “whys.”


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