How To Be An Elite Baseball Prospect


How To Be An Elite Baseball Prospect

While driving from the field, I was thinking about how I've seen elite players differentiate themselves as true prospects that can project at higher levels of the game.

Whether the next level was college baseball or at the professional level, they seemed to have habits, mindsets, and skills that reflect what I believe makes a ballplayer into a Dirt Bro.

Here are three that came to mind.

1. Embrace Sacrifice

Great teammates do whatever it takes to help their team win. They continually ask, “what does the team need me to do?”...Down to the smallest detail.

For example, be in the right place on every play. Even if it’s backing up a potential throw that never happens.

2. Enjoy It All

The ups & downs, practices, games, your teammates. Its all a part of competing.

One day it ends & we have to look in at the game from the outside as a fan or coach.

Coaching is amazing, but nothing quite compares to playing. So make your playing days count.

3. Be Willing To Stand Out

To be a champion, you must live extraordinary. Can’t live to be part of the just fit in... to be accepted.

The crowd is average. The crowd does not win. You must sacrifice, be willing to stand out, act differently.

If you had one that spoke to you, please replay and share your thoughts.


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