Elbow Up or Down? How to hit for MORE power.

We have all heard it said, hitting is timing & pitching is disrupting timing.

To batters, timing is both internal (body feel) & external (on time to pitch).

Tees, front toss, machines, BP are ways hitters use to sync up both types of timing... sometimes called “finding your swing.”

Do you understand back elbow up vs. back elbow down (or relaxed position)?

Here is what many Big League power hitters are doing today with their rear elbow.

It is called "Scap Loading."

It is a risk vs reward movement.

The fact is, if properly executed, it creates more bat head speed and power. The batter will also swing and miss more often....thus, risk/reward.

Note: Many young players will not possess the strength to control their bat barrel when "Scapula Loading" and it can cause them to have very lazy bat barrels.

The Key - Driving the elbow into the back hip.

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