Avoid this baseball parenting trap: The “burn out” is REAL!

After 27 years of coaching, I’m convinced it’s about to become an epidemic and it has been on my heart to share with my friends for a while now.

If you have a child in baseball, or other sports, this information could help them reach their full potential as an athlete.

Learn how to avoid this huge trap in parenting baseball players.

We were able to implement this in our home and I’m so glad we did.

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  • Dirt Bros: Mental Toughness Audio Program 
  • Hitting w/ Tim Hyers (Red Sox Hitting Coach) & Trent Mongero: A Conversation On Hitting.
  • Hitting w/ Tim Hyers & Trent Mongero: MLB Hitting Routine w/ Pro Drills 
  • Winning Baseball - Book 1 “From Beginner to Intermediate Play 
  • Winning Baseball - Book 2 From Intermediate To College Level.
  • How to Run a Championship Practice 
  • How to Build a Championship Team

Use code: DB37 to get the entire program for $37. (Normally $180)

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