5 Hitting Mistakes Pros Avoid At All Cost...

I want to talk to you about some of the most common swing flaws that we see in hitters of all ages.

1. An improper grip

The first is an improper grip. What you see, if you look at my hands, I don't have my door-knocking knuckles perfectly lined up like some people teach. That's a good reference point to talk about door knocking knuckles.

But typically our hands are going to be rotated just a little bit more.

What we're worried about is getting a real over-rotation in our hands, which is going to create an improper contact point.

But what we have, if we have a bad grip, when I get down to contact to the baseball is I'm going to be in a really weak position and I'm going to have the tendency to roll over the top.

2. Casting

The next flaw I want to talk to you about is what we call casting.

Casting is simply where, as we're working to the baseball, or a ball of any type, the bat starts to work away from the shoulder prematurely or early. It's a leak.

It leaks early and we lose power. We get a long swing and it slows us down. Three things that we definitely don't want when we're swinging a bat.

If I'm going to hit this baseball, this ball right here, what you see with casting is I take my bat head and I push it out in some way, shape, or form, towards the other batter's box.

I am casting as if casting a rod, casting it this way, and that causes that long swing around the ball where I catch the outside part of the ball.

3. Barring Out

The third flaw that we're going to talk about is what is called barring out. Barring out is a big problem. We see this on a regular basis.

It's typically caused by two actions in the swing, improper actions. The first reason a person might typically bar is when they go to get loaded they push their hands, they force their hands because some people load with their hands.

They force them too far back, which creates a bar. Creating a singular joint with my front arm.

Of course, once I do that, I'm forced into a long swing around the baseball. The second reason why we bar or we see barring is the front shoulder prematurely leaking out of the zone.

You get a person who has a decent load, they're into their knockout slot, they're back over their back foot, they're connected, they're ready to attack. But then the first thing that goes is their front shoulder when they swing, and that creates that same effect of barring out the front arm, creating the long swing around the baseball.


4. Cutting underneath the ball

The next flaw is what we call cutting underneath the ball. We don't see this one quite as often, but it does happen. What we have here is, when we come down to contact, they may be getting to contact properly.

Once they get to contact, they tend to take this bottom hand and they break the wrist down underneath the ball, which creates a weak position. Obviously, if I was going to throw a punch, I wouldn't want my wrist breaking down here on contact.

That's not strong. We want to focus on that palm up, palm down, releasing the barrel into contact for that whip action, that bat speed, which creates power.

5. Dropping the hands

The last flaw I'd like to discuss is dropping the hands. What you see here is obviously we work down to the baseball. We don't work straight down like we're chopping down at the ball. But our hands start high.

A ball is released by the pitcher. It's going into the catcher's glove.

A strike is typically from the belt to the knees. If I start my hands somewhere up in here, we obviously have to work the bat head down to a point behind the baseball on plane.

But what you see with a lot of young hitters is they'll start their hands up and as they go to load, they drop.

They drop their hands in here, which is going to create a very flat long swing, and they're going to have a lot of difficulty handling any pitch that's middle to up in the strike zone. Those are some typical things that we need to address.

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