4 ways to be a Dirt Bro this summer.

Four ways to be a Dirt Bro this summer...

I get it. You look good, you play good.

But way to much focus on “stuff” this summer.

Uniforms, pretty hair, body Armour covering every body part, 2 pairs of batting gloves & accessories.

Instead, how about we focus on:

  1. competing 
  2. getting dirty 
  3. bringing energy
  4. knowing what to do if the ball is hit to you
Players: as you play tournament after tournament, game after game, this summer, be sure not to lose focus on eliminating physical & mental weaknesses such as:
  1. Low game IQ
  2. Selfishness Body language
  3. Poor off-field behavior
  4. Being uncoachable
  5. Excuses
  6. Laziness
  7. Being physically weak

Below is a video of a work out with Taber.

Taber had season-ending surgery on his glove hand (thumb) after the 10th game of the 2019 college season at Gardner Webb.

He was released from hand specialist at the beginning of June. This is one day in his summer training. We filmed this as a measuring stick to where he will be 8 weeks from now.

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