3 Tips That Make A Mentally Tough Ballplayer

Want to develop mentally tough ballplayers. It starts with separating the contenders from the pretenders, fostering a hitter's "feel" for the bat and building a strong team/family.
I have three tips this week for you Dirt Bros on what I believe makes mentally tough ballplayers.
Hope you like them. More importantly, I hope you apply them.

1. Build a Strong Team 

Tap into the amazing experience of pursuing greatness with your teammates. Something far greater than yourself. A strong dugout builds a family and increases the odds of winning. On the field and in life.


2. Your Focus & Energy Says It All

Here's the ultimate question. "Are you a contender or pretender?"
Your energy, attitude and focus in fall/winter skill development workouts and daily weight room sessions “says” everything about where you really want to be as a player and a team...
...and your coaches and teammates “hear” what you're saying.

3. Hitting is a Marriage of Art & Data

Data should assist, not paralyze. Key is to simplify data. Make applicable. In practice, it can provide feedback & improve focus.
Make sure you don’t focus so much on numbers you eliminate a hitter’s feel, instincts, adjustments w/ live game at-bats.
If you happen to find one of these Dirt Bro baseball tips that resonate with you, write it down somewhere and look at it periodically.
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