3 facts about hitting, swing mechanics & the "Secret Sauce"

Here are 3 facts about hitting that I feel need to be talked about more.

1. Young hitters learn to do it all. Analogy - how many golf clubs are in your bag? Drive the ball to all fields. Be able to hit a ground ball, a fly ball, or a line-drive on command.

2. You can't ask a pinto to do what a Ferrari can. I understand launch angle, but I've been seeing WAY too many K's. True power comes when you achieve man strength. Learn to handle the bat.

3. PLEASE do not undervalue the guy who handles the bat well, barrels the ball up consistently, get's on base, steals bags and puts pressure on the defense.

Remember: Much of your meaningful training will take place outside of organized practice. IE, you alone hitting off of a Tee, running hills, throwing off the wall.

It's the extra time you put in the will get you the edge.

If these 3 facts hit home. Take a peek at this video.

If you ever wondered what the "secret sauce" is to hitting, I have your answer.

You may not like it.

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