12,386,344. That's how many possible plays each game has.

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12,386,344. That's how many possible plays each game has...

This is why you have to be fundamentally sound in all facets of the game, and it all starts with being able to catch and throw on defense and barrel balls on offense... and it expands exponentially from there.

This about it like this.

The average player warms their arm up, 15 minutes a day before a game.

In a 30 game season, if you add up all of those 15 minutes over the course of 4-5 months, that sums up to about 25 hours that your players are working on playing catch.

This is why "catch play" isn't just about getting "loose".

It's about becoming better throwers and receivers of the ball. Period.

When you throw, you use drills and each one has a purpose.

I communicate to my players that these are 20 of the most important minutes of practice.

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